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Henry Woo Sang, Jr. - past Board President


Henry retired in May 2015 as the Director for Applications and Visualization in the HP Labs Analytics Laboratory. He led teams exploring novel big data visualization (2D and 3D), cyber-physical solutions (industrial IoT), and big data analytic solutions. He hosted nearly over one hundred top HP customers interested in the new world of applied analytics, especially on how to define a value proposition for analytics and to derive an ROI. He also explored using executive customer visits as a way to mine for new business opportunities. His teams’ accomplishments are widely demonstrated in the presentations on HP’s The Machine by the HP CTO.

Henry specializes in bringing new technologies out of the laboratory into early customer engagements through to product handoff.  At HP, he was one of the lead representatives for executive briefings representing HP Labs. He worked directly with both sales and line of business groups and uses a customer centric development process. He would lead multifaceted teams of researchers, product developers and customer engagement people to discover the real customer value propositions and provide a solution. He spent 31 years in industrial R&D Labs (Xerox PARC and HP Labs) in fields ranging from basic semiconductor science, GaAs device production, and novel printer technologies to document image processing, life size 3D capture and display, data operations centers, IoT, and big data analytics and holds 20+ patents in these diverse fields. He served as an independent contributor as well as all levels of management through to director. He also was a co-founder of Customers & Technologies in the 1990’s which for five years specialized in document management technologies.


During retirement, Henry continues to consult with a wide range of technology companies and coaches with accelerators and incubators.  He regular serves as a consultant, corporate advisor, and startup mentor.

He also spends much of his retirement time working with non-profit organizations: the Cupertino Library Foundation, Age Friendly Cities: Cupertino task force, and the Forum Health Fund. In partnership with the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, Henry and the Foundation are working to help parents and students to look at college, not as the end goal, rather as a conduit towards jobs and careers and the skills and experience that they need to be successful there versus college admission. He is also pursuing senior issues to help create new options for the rapidly increasing portion of our community. He is the recipient of the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce 2019 STAR Citizen of the Year award and the 2018 Asian American Business Council Bridge Award.

Henry holds degrees in nuclear physics from MIT ( ’77 S.B., ’79 S.M.).

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