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Meet the Board

Cupertino Library Foundation Board Members


The Board oversees the necessary functions of the Cupertino Library Foundation, which is both a California Public Benefit Corporation established in California and a charitable organization operating as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code.  In addition to fiduciary responsibility of ensuring adequate financial resources, protecting assets, and providing proper financial oversight, necessary functions include but are not limited to determining mission and purpose, ensuring effective planning, monitoring and strengthening programs and services, and building and retaining a competent Board. Apply to join the Board on our Volunteering page!

Board of Directors

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Board President

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Board Vice President

Board President


Board Treasurer


Board Secretary


Board Member


Board Member

Board Member


Board Member

Board Member


Board Member

Board Member

Ex-officio Board Member
Bryant Bao, Cupertino Library Community Librarian
Shadow on Concrete Wall

Cupertino Library Foundation Advisory Council

Bob Adams

Jerry Liu

Richard Lowenthal

Henry Sang

Eno Schmidt

Jean Bedord

Kiran Varshneya Rohra

Join the Board

To apply for a Cupertino Library Foundation Board Member position, please visit our Volunteering page.

Past Board Members

Donna Austin
Bob Adams
Allan Bidwell
Art Cohen
Roz Davis
Jackie Doyle
Thelma Epstein
Bridget Galane
Deepa Gopal
Rose Grymes, Ph.D.
Mary Ann Herlihy
Annie Ho
Chin Hsu
Jack Hubby
Ed Jajko
Jim Jackson

Peter Kalnay
Bob Koppel
Gopal Kumarappan
Hema Kundargi
Kiran Kundargi
Cindy Lapid
Michael Lashen
Nicol Lea
Beverly Lenihan
Charles Liggett
Jerry Liu
Kristen Lyn
Diana Matley
Jim McIlhiney
Gerry Mulvey
Jim Orloff

Fariba Nejat

Alexis Osanitch
Ravi Pathak
Janet Riddell
Barbara Rogers
Pat Rogers

Henry Sang
Eno Schmidt
Denise Schultz
Pallavi Shah
Narinder Singh
Dorothy Stow
Calina Thompson
Janet Trankle

Kiran Varshneya
Tim Widman
Gail West
Chi Yeh

Past Community Librarians

Clare Varesio

Gayathri Kanth
Mark Fink
Ja-Lih Lee
Rosanne Macek
Mary-Ann Wallace

Past Advisory Council Members

Tom Izzo

Bev Linihan

Gayathri Kanth
Ben Liao

Hsing Kung

Steve Ting

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