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A Natural Approach to Curing Cholesterol and Preventing Heart Disease – September 23, 2018

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Presenting the fourth program in the Cupertino Library Foundation Wellness program series!

Dr. Ronesh Sinha, an expert on diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease prevention, has been seeing a local surge in the amount of individuals with cholesterol and heart disease issues at an early age. Our modern lifestyle habits are a primary cause. Dr. Sinha will focus on some of the following areas in his talk:

  • Cutting Edge: Latest science behind cholesterol and heart disease

  • Quantify You: Important labs and metrics to assess your own risk

  • Prescription Foods: Nutritional approaches that lower cholesterol and heart disease risk

  • Exercise Science: Time-efficient exercises and movements to improve heart health and lower risk

  • Sleep/Stress: The role of sleep and stress in heart disease and some simple tools and apps to help you find balance

  • Resources: High-tech tools and resources to help optimize health will be shared.

About Dr. Sinha

Dr. Ronesh Sinha, author of The South Asian Health Solution and 2-time TEDx speaker, is an internal medicine physician in Silicon Valley who works for Sutter Health’s Palo Alto Medical Foundation to lead their employer wellness program. He has designed successful health education and wellness programs for over 16 major Silicon Valley companies and developed a dedicated group consult practice geared to individuals with diabetes and other heart disease risk factors. His groundbreaking work in reversing diabetes in culturally diverse populations has received global attention with front cover stories in Fortune Magazine and the LA Times. He blogs actively at, and hosts a popular Bay Area weekly radio show on health. He is passionate about developing innovative, culturally tailored solutions to help diverse populations lead healthier lives.

Sunday, September 23, 2018 2:00 pm, Cupertino Community Hall

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