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“Beware of Scams”

– Recognize Them Before They Get You by Narayan Makaram

Scam artists are expected to steal over $2 billion in 2020. They invariably contact you via phone calls, text messages or email, pretend to be someone you trust (e.g. IRS, your Bank, or IT support), and create a sense of urgency for you to respond. They are out to get your personal information, credit card numbers, or your money.

Come hear a few common scamming scenarios and get armed to stay a step ahead of the scam artists. Bring your stories too, to make this session interactive.

About the Speaker

Narayan Makaram is the CEO of Cybernetix Security LLC that provides cybersecurity consulting. He has spoken at several cybersecurity conferences. More recently he presented “The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Cyber Hygiene” at the Cupertino Community Center.

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