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CLF sponsors Silicon Valley Youth Channel 2022 summer essay contest

Silicon Valley Youth Channel 2022 Summer Essay Contest

Are you interested in creative or argumentative writing?

The 2022 Essay Contest organized by the Silicon Valley Youth Channel is now open for submission from anyone of the age 18 or younger!

Silicon Valley Youth Channel is a non-profit organization created to provide an online platform for student journalism. We are a group of enthusiastic high-school students that share a passion for writing stories from our community. Our goal is to promote understanding among youth by encouraging students to connect with their world and use their creativity in a fun and engaging way.

Silicon Valley Youth Channel Essay Contest aims to foster literary interest within our community and increase awareness of the world we live in! Winners of the contest will receive Certificates of Recognition and prizes.

2022 essay contest prompts are:

  1. What is a change you want to make to benefit some aspect of your community and how would you implement it?

  2. An invention to help your community - what would it do, whom would it help, how would you build it? Tell us your idea - every exciting detail!

  3. What is an issue you feel strongly about that you wish more people understood?

  4. Choose your favorite work of art (painting, text, etc.) and analyze/describe how it makes you feel.

If this competition sounds interesting to you, please submit your essays to our website by September 1st, 2022. You can find the submission tab under our website, at

We look forward to reading your submissions, and good luck!

The 2022 essay contest is supported and sponsored by the Cupertino Library Foundation.

Cupertino City Council Member Ms. Hung Wei will judge the essays and present the awards.

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