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Grand Launch of the Cupertino Library Expansion

Updated: May 25, 2022

April 29, 2022

Cupertino Library Expansion Grand Opening
From left to right: Hung Wei, Kitty Moore, Darcy Paul, Liang Chao, Jon Willey.

Opening Gala and Ribbon Cutting by Mayor Darcy Paul, Vice Mayor Liang Chao, and City Council Members: Hung Wei, Kitty Moore, and Jon Willey.

Cupertino Library Foundation takes this opportunity to thank Mayor Darcy Paul for his leadership and to thank the city council members for their support. Thank you to all our donors, who have contributed to make this huge undertaking possible. And thank you to the Cupertino city staff, Cupertino Librarian Clare Varesio, and the library staff and the Santa Clara County Library District for their support for this project.

Cupertino Library Foundation looks forward to bringing diverse programs for the benefit of our community in these new spaces at the Cupertino Library.

Cupertino Library Expansion Ribbon Cutting
Cupertino Library Expansion Ribbon Cutting

Cupertino Library Expansion Wall Art

CLF Board Members and Cupertino Mayor with Cupertino Library Donor Wall
From left to right: CLF Board Member Qin Pan, CLF Board President Kiran Varshneya-Rohra, Mayor Darcy Paul, and CLF Board Members Neela Majumder, Carrie Young, and Seetha Lakshmi in front of the new Donor Wall.

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