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Laughter Yoga

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

– 6 Free sessions starting August 5, 2020

Want a little picker upper in the afternoons? Are you curious to learn about Laughter Yoga, a health craze around the world? It is being practiced in senior centers and age care facilities, as well as in schools, colleges, hospitals, corporations, and factories. There are over 20,000 free social Laughter clubs in 110 countries. Cupertino Library Foundation, Cupertino Library, and Santa Clara Library District together are bringing you a series of 6 free, weekly, interactive, guided Laughter Yoga zoom sessions starting August 5th, 2020. Register for any or all sessions and explore ways to breathe, move, laugh and play. You will discover some fun and improve your wellness.

Laughter Yoga is not a comedy. It is an exercise program for health and well being. It combines laughter exercises with yogic (or diaphragmatic) breathing techniques, without relying on humor or jokes. It doesn’t involve any yoga poses, new skills, special clothes, special shoes, or equipment. For centuries we have known the health benefits of laughter. Recent studies confirm that the body responds positively to the act of just laughing, whether or not from genuine feelings of joy. Some of the benefits of Laughter Yoga practice are better stress and anxiety management, pain management, and stronger immune system.

The Cupertino Library Wellness program continues to bring forth sessions to explore the "other half of wellness", the half that the medical community leaves to you to do on your own. The programs tend to be hands-on where you come away with helpful processes to improve your health. From pain management to skin care, proper bowel health, meditation, cholesterol, and Alzheimer's disease, and now Laughter Yoga, the Library is helping us learn to help ourselves.

Please tell your friends to register and attend any or all of these free Zoom events.

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