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Senior Housing Speaker Series

Are the kids finally on their own and you and your spouse continue living in the family home?  Do you get the feeling that the house owns you rather than the other way around? Have you thought about where you would want to live as you get older?  You may know various options exist, but wonder how you would know if you are making the right choices? Given the growing cost and shortage of independent and assisted living, we anticipate many seniors would choose to age in their own home for as long as possible.

The speakers in our Senior Housing Series will provide a big picture of housing options, some tips to navigate these options, and the factors to consider while making your decisions.

The events will range from lectures by local experts, panel discussions with senior housing professionals and residents, hands-on workshops. Field trips may be included in the future.  For 2021 we have scheduled 4 events.  All events are free to the public; in 2021 all events will be virtual.  One would need to register for each event to obtain instructions on how to join the virtual event. 

Please join our mailing list below to get notified about our future events and email us at to a) suggest topics for future events, b) participate as a speaker/panelist or c) to volunteer with CLF.

This speaker series is sponsored in part by the Forum Health Fund.   

September 19, 2021 1:00PM: Double Header Event – “Get the Bigger Picture for Senior Housing!”

1. “Panel Discussion on Senior Housing Choices” by Community members

Residents discuss their decisions and thinking when choosing housing options as seniors. Our panelists took  three different approaches. As we will hear, this is not a singular decision, because what might work for you today might not work tomorrow.

2. “Financial Considerations for Senior Housing and Memory Care” by experts

This panel addresses the two largest costs often associated with our later years: housing and memory care. It explores strategies residents are pursuing, what to do with the big family house, and alternatives that you might not have heard about.



August 29, 2021 1:00PM: Double Header Kickoff Event on Senior Housing Options by Local Experts

1. “General Survey of Senior Housing” by Richard Adler, Chair of the Age Friendly Cupertino Initiative

Most of our adult lives have been spent living independently in our own homes. As we reach later life, other housing options may be more appealing or appropriate. A range of alternative housing choices have been developed for older people. But how do we make the right choice? This talk will provide a guided tour of these options, ranging from strategies and services to support aging in place to communities designed to meet the of people as they age.

2. “Aging in Place”  by Chuck Sieloff, CEO of Avenida Village Palo Alto

Over-65’s will soon outnumber under-18’s in our population, and 90% of older adults would prefer to remain in their own homes as they age. Yet only 10% of those homes meet the minimum requirements for elderly living and 90% of those older adults live with chronic health conditions, and, for many, social isolation is an additional serious risk factor. Clearly, we need to start taking a more proactive approach toward meeting these challenges, both as individuals and as a society.


Future events in this series

1) Panel Discussion –  with Dave Stearns, Mahesh Nihalani, and TBD

2) Finances for Senior Housing and Memory Care – with Bob Adams,  TBD, and TBD

This speaker series is sponsored in part by the Forum Health Fund.   

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